Howland Plastic Surgery offers the perfect combination of surgical precision and skilled artistry to patients from Salt Lake City. Dr. Nicholas K. Howland grew up in Murray and returned home after pursuing science and clinical research in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has partnered with the Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah and offers a wide range of cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery options at his Draper center. You can choose from various procedures including hand reconstruction, tummy tuck, and breast augmentation from one of the most talented surgeons in the area.

Every procedure offered at Howland Plastic Surgeries is guided by cutting edge technology and modern aesthetics. We offer a unique and personalized approach to every treatment in order to suit your specific requirements and aesthetic goals. Often our patients are left struggling with stubborn fatty deposits in various parts of their body despite being fit and healthy. When this fat is on your abdominal area, whether due to massive weight loss or after pregnancy, your clothes may not look flattering anymore and it can negatively affect your self-confidence. In addition to the excess skin and fat in the area, you may also find that the underlying abdominal muscles have separated, and it is impossible to get your abdomen back in shape without surgical intervention. If you are facing these concerns with your tummy, book a consultation with Dr. Howland. He will give you a slim, toned appearance with the tummy tuck procedure.

Who is a good candidate for a tummy tuck?

Just like any other surgical procedure, you should be in good general health, be at a stable weight, and not suffer from any preexisting medical problems like heart diseases or diabetes. Dr. Howland will evaluate your abdominal area and let you know what the tummy tuck procedure can help you achieve. This ensures you have realistic expectations from your results. In some scenarios, it is best to wait for the procedure rather than opt for it immediately. If you are planning to have more children in the future, the pregnancy will stretch your abdomen once again and alter your results. Similarly, if you want to lose weight in the future, you should wait. It is important that you are at your ideal weight before opting for the tummy tuck.

What can you expect during your tummy tuck?

The tummy tuck is a highly customizable procedure and, depending on the severity of your condition, Dr. Howland can perform one of the following techniques to get you the desired toned contours:

  • Mini abdominoplasty – this is perfect if you have a small amount of fat located below the navel. Small incisions are made above the pubic area to remove the excess fat and skin, as well as tighten the muscles.
  • Full abdominoplasty – this is used when you have a moderate amount of fat and excess skin in the abdominal area. Incisions are made above the pubic area and around the navel to remove the excess fat and skin before the underlying muscles are tightened. Dr. Howland may use liposuction to enhance your results.
  • Extended abdominoplasty – if you have undergone massive weight loss and are now riddled with loose skin and fatty deposits, you will benefit the most from an extended tummy tuck. One incision will be made above the pubic region extending around your hips and another one around the navel. Once the excess skin and fat are removed and the abdominal muscles tightened, your navel will be repositioned on your new contours.

What results can you expect from your tummy tuck?

Post-op, there might be drains in the area to collect excess fluids. Any soreness and bruising during recovery can be controlled with pain medications. The swelling will be reduced with the help of compression garments. These garments also help to hold your skin in place while it heals. Usually, your drains will be removed within 14 days. You must follow all aftercare instructions carefully to ensure you achieve optimal results. Most patients need a couple of weeks off of work for recovery. Dr. Howland will let you know when it is a good time to return to work based on the amount of movement needed at your job. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Howland today to determine how the tummy tuck procedure can help you enjoy a slimmer and toned appearance.

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