Howland Plastic Surgery offers the perfect combination of surgical precision and skilled artistry to its patients from Sandy. Dr. Nicholas K. Howland grew up in Murray and returned home after pursuing science and clinical research in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has partnered with the Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah and offers a wide range of cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery options at his Draper center. You can choose from various procedures at Howland Plastic Surgery such as hand reconstruction, tummy tuck and breast augmentation from one of the most talented surgeons in the area.

Every procedure performed by Dr. Howland is guided by cutting edge technology and modern aesthetics. We offer a unique and customized approach to every procedure at our center so that it suits your individual needs and helps achieve your specific cosmetic goals. We do not believe in changing your natural features but simply to enhance them giving you the beautiful harmony you always desired. Dr. Howland and his team offers unparalleled aftercare making sure that every patient is 100% satisfied with his or her results.

What is a breast reduction?

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures today are breast procedures. Among other breast procedures, Dr. Howland offers breast reduction which is the surgical method to reduce the size of your breasts. When you have significantly large breasts, it may lead to medical issues such as chronic back, shoulder and neck pain. It also makes it hard to exercise and you may not feel attractive anymore. Shopping for clothes may also get difficult since nothing fits like you would want it to. The breast reduction surgery can be used to correct these issues by removing the excess skin and tissue from your breasts.

Why do women get breast reduction?

If you have breasts that are proportionately large, then you will have issues with finding bathing suits, bras, or shirts that fit well. The skin under your breasts may also get chaffed while the bra straps dig into your shoulders. Large breasts also often result in back pain. These are just the physical issues with large breasts. Women with large breasts also remain self-conscious about their appearance and may even begin to avoid social interaction.

Dr. Howland offers breast reduction that helps to bring the size of your breasts in proportion with the rest of your body. You are not going to lose the hourglass figure you had, but the breasts will become more manageable. The procedure also helps with alleviating the emotional and physical discomfort caused by large breasts.

Are you a good candidate for breast reduction?

You should be in good physical and mental health to be a candidate for breast reduction surgery. Obviously, you should have realistic expectations from the surgery. It is best to get the procedure done for personal reasons and not to please somebody else.

Your breasts must be large enough to cause you discomfort and inhibit normal physical activity. The right candidate for breast surgery usually suffers from skin irritation under the breast crease or the shoulders due to tight bra straps. The breasts also hang low and the nipples droop below the breast crease. Most women also have to deal with large areolas or stretch marks on the breasts. During your consultation, Dr. Howland will determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.

We understand that most women with large breasts are often experiencing confidence issues along with. Dr. Howland aims to help women regain the comfort and confidence of well-contoured breasts. You will become physically comfortable and eliminate any associated emotional distress.

About Sandy, UT

Sandy is a city in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area and located in Salt Lake County in Utah. It is home to the Shops at South Town shopping mall; the Jordan Commons entertainment, office and dining complex; and the South Towne Exposition Center. The city adopted a master plan in January of 2017 which emphasizes sustainable living, walkability, human-scale architecture, environmentally friendly design and nature-inspired design while it manages the many challenges of population growth. The major residential region of eastern Sandy sits on the slopes of the Wasatch Range and the western section is at the bottom of the valley. Visitors and residents enjoy the Bells Canyon Trail and Storm Mountain Park.