Among the many decisions that come with having a breast augmentation in Draper in which implant shape you are going to choose! You will be given a few different options and things to consider when it comes to choosing the best implant shape for you.

Choosing an Implant Shape

Before you make a decision, you should consider your unique body type, goals, and aesthetic preferences. Different women prefer different shapes for their body type. While some want the round look, others might prefer a teardrop shape for a more natural look. You should also keep your budget in mind, as shapes differ in price.

Round Implants

Round has been the most common shape when it comes to implants. With round implants, your breasts will appear spherical with more volume at the top of the breasts to give a fuller appearance. You will be able to choose from four different types of round implants with different projection ranges. Round implants are an effective option to treat sagging by restoring volume to the top of the breasts. When it comes to your budget, round implants cost less.

Teardrop Implants

Many women choose teardrop implants to give their breasts a more natural look. With this shape, there is more volume in the bottom of the breast. If one of your main concerns is having your new breasts look as natural as possible, the teardrop shape might be the best option for you! Some women have concerns about rotation or distortion with teardrop shaped implants, but the implant’s textured surface helps to prevent this from happening. Because of the required textured surface, these implants are a little more expensive than round ones.

Your plastic surgeon is there to help you make your implant shape decision! You can discuss your goals when it comes to your new breasts and your aesthetic preferences. Contact our office today to have your consultation with Dr. Howland.