Breast Reconstruction Surgery Can Restore Confidence

One of the biggest problems facing those who are affected by breast cancer is how to reconstruct their breast after having one or both of their breast affected. There are a few different options when it comes to breast reconstruction surgery that can be discussed with plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Howland at Howland Plastic Surgery. The trauma many women feel when they have a breast deformity can be eased with the correct surgery designed to return their body to a look that can be enjoyed and restore self-confidence.

Possible risks during and after reconstruction surgery

There are a number of risks that can occur when any surgery is undertaken, including the use of anesthesia as one of the most important aspects of any surgical procedure that can cause problems.

Along with the use of anesthesia, the issues that can face a patient when undertaking breast reconstruction surgery include bleeding and blood clotting problems. During breast reconstruction surgery there is a risk of swollen and infected areas leading to pain following the surgical procedure taking place.

There are a few symptoms of infection that should be watched for following surgery, including extreme fatigue that can be a sign of ongoing issues. In the days and weeks following surgery, an individual patient should ensure their wound is healing or contact their physician to make sure it is healing in the correct way. Many risks, such as infection, can be avoided by carefully following your surgeon’s directions for your recovery process.

Recovering after reconstruction surgery

There are many forms of breast reconstruction surgery that can be used, including an implant or a flap procedure. Following a mastectomy, a patient who undergoes breast reconstruction surgery will usually feel sore and tired for around two weeks following surgery.

In most cases, the patient will care for their own incisions after leaving the hospital and spending their recovery time at home. After breast reconstruction surgery, most patients will have drains connected to their incision sites which look like a small, hollow ball that the patient will empty herself with the assistance of skills learned while in hospital.

Talk to your doctor about the need for mammograms

One of the areas that many women ignore when they are looking to complete their regular healthcare needs is ignoring the need for mammograms. The mammogram is an important part of looking after each woman because a mammogram can help identify any mass on a breast or other abnormalities. Regular mammograms can be a lifesaver for women because they can aid in the early detection of cancers.

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