Howland Plastic Surgery offers you the perfect combination of surgical precision and skilled artistry. Dr. Nicholas K. Howland grew up in Murray and he returned to his home after pursuing science and clinical research in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has partnered with the Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah and offers a wide range of cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery options at his Draper center. Our patients from Draper can choose from a wide range of procedures such as hand reconstruction, tummy tuck, and breast augmentation.

Every procedure we offer is guided by cutting edge technology and modern aesthetics. Howland Plastic Surgery offers a uniquely personalized approach to each procedure so that it suits your specific requirements and cosmetic goals. We do not wish to change your natural features but aim at enhancing them to give you the harmony and balance you always desired. With the exceptional aftercare offered at our center, our patients remain 100% satisfied with their results.

Breast procedures

At Howland Plastic Surgery, women choose to undergo breast procedures for a variety of reasons. Dr. Howland is dedicated to the education and care of women who are recovering from breast cancer. Usually, women consult us when they are unhappy with the changes in shape, size, and volume of their breasts. These undesirable changes are not brought on only due to aging but certain life events like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and significant weight changes also affect the contours of your breasts. We use different procedures and techniques of breast lift, augmentation, and reduction to help you get rid of sagging and drooping, asymmetry, small or very large breasts. After evaluating your breasts, Dr. Howland discusses your issues and cosmetic goals which allows him to develop a customized treatment plan specifically for your needs. We aim to help women achieve youthful and perky breasts that are in good proportions with their bodies. Our male patients who are embarrassed by enlarged breasts or gynecomastia can also undergo breast reduction to achieve flat and manly chest contours. Here are the choices available to our patients from Draper:

Body procedures

When bothered by stubborn exercise-resistant fat in different areas of your body, you must not give up but consult our experts at Howland Plastic Surgery. Thousands of people are constantly fighting stubborn fat with dieting or regular exercise but do not get their desired results. When areas such as the waist, abdomen, or thighs begin to affect your appearance and confidence, you must talk to Dr. Howland about the various body contouring procedures we offer. When you have lost a significant amount of weight, there might be excessive and loose skin left on your body. You will benefit from body contouring after weight loss which will allow you to finally enjoy your weight loss. These procedures will help you achieve a slimmer appearance and our female patients can also benefit from vaginal rejuvenation. When you achieve a toned and shapely body, it also boosts your self-confidence. Here are the body contouring procedures our patients from Draper can choose:

Face procedures

If you have been told that you look tired or angry most of the time, it could be due to the changes your skin has undergone, leaving you with sagging, wrinkles, or a drooping brow. Rather than letting this skin aging affect your self-confidence, it is time to consider getting a facial procedure. With age, your skin also loses its elasticity and a simple skincare routine does not help maintain its youth anymore. Once Dr. Howland has understood your facial issues, he will offer the best treatments and procedures to get you the skin rejuvenation you desire. We can also help you change the contours of a facial feature such as the nose or ears that always made you feel self-conscious. We offer our patients from Draper a beautifully rejuvenated appearance with the following procedures:

Skin procedures

Your skin undergoes many changes due to aging, excessive exposure to the sun, and other environmental damage. When you constantly neglect the health of your skin and also smoke, it further accelerates the aging of your skin. When these changes begin to trouble you and make you feel less confident about your appearance, you can choose from a range of non-surgical and surgical skin procedures to boost your confidence. Howland Plastic Surgery also offers surgical excision to help you deal with skin cancer. Using the latest in treatments and techniques, Dr. Howland helps you improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, and pigmentation. With our years of experience with skincare, we can help you restore the healthy and youthful glow of your skin. Here are the options our patients from Draper can choose from:

Reconstructive surgery

There are several reconstructive options available to our patients at Howland Plastic Surgery. These procedures will help you deal with a range of health issues from migraines to different hand-related concerns. When age, injury or disease affects you, it may become difficult to regain the full functionality of your hand. Once we have evaluated your health issues, it will help us effectively improve the use of your hand. Our patients from Draper can choose from the following reconstructive surgery options:

About Draper, UT

Draper is a city in the Salt Lake and Utah counties in the state of Utah. It is located about 20 miles south of Salt Lake City along the Wasatch Front. Draper forms a part of two metropolitan areas – the Salt Lake City portion is included in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area and the Utah County portion is part of the Provo – Orem metropolitan area. The city is home to 1-800 Contacts and a large eBay campus. Nestled in the far southeast corner of the Salt Lake Valley, Draper is surrounded by the Wasatch Mountain Range on the East and the Traverse Ridge Mountain on the south. At the Point of the Mountain, Draper is famed for one of the most popular and best wind areas in the US for hang gliding and paragliding. Visitors of all ages can also enjoy the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium which highlights animal habitats in Utah waters, Earth’s Oceans and South American species. The Draper City Park is a family-oriented park that sees the Tree of Life being lit up with more than 1000 strands of lights during the holidays. The park also hosts traditional events like the arts festivals, Draper Days, patriotic celebrations and musical performances.