Procedure Starting Price Range
Breast Augmentation Saline $7,200*
Breast Augmentation Silicone $8,200*
Breast Augmentation (IDEAL SALINE) $8,700*
Breast Augmentation (Silicone) when done with ANY Lift $4,000*
Anchor Breast Lift Auto Augmentation $8,000*
Anchor Breast Lift $8,600*
Anchor Breast Lift – EXTENDED
Lollipop Lift $8,000*
PA Lift $7,500*
Galatea Mesh $2,000*
Breast Implant Removal-in O.R. $6,000*
Breast Implant Removal-in office $4,000*
Breast Re-Augmentation (Saline) $8,200*
Breast Re-Augmentation (Silicone) $9,200*
Breast Reduction (includes Anchor Lift) $9,200*
Breast Implant Repositioning; bilateral $2,300*
Capsulectomy $2,300*
Dual Plane Aug $0
Gummier Implants-Soft Touch $0
Gummiest Implants- Highly Cohesive & Sientra add $1,000
Silicone Implants by themselves $1,500
Saline Implants by themselves $500
Abdominoplasty (Dr.Wattersons =Lipo of abdomen/saldanha) (Dr. Howland= Lipo of Hips/Flanks/Abdomen) $11,200*
Abdominoplasty Fleur De Lis $13,000*
Abdominoplasty – Belt (Fryer Belt/Fleur de Lis =$25,200) $15,200*
Abdominoplasty Extended without Liposuction (Dr. Howland’s Extended includes Lipo of Flanks/Hips) $11,500*
Abdominoplasty Extended w/ Fleur De Lis
Abdominoplasty Extended/Extended Liposuction
Abdominoplasty – Mini $8,500*
Abdominoplasty with Lipo Hips/Flanks $11,200*
Moving Port for Gastric Bypass Surgery $0
Umbilical Hernia Repair $1,000*
Umbilical Hernia Repair without Abdominoplasty $100 ($500 for Insurance)*
Exparel – Lasts 72 hours afer surgery Included with TT
Wound Vac- Prevena Plus & Bella Form (Breast) $650 & $849*
Liposuction – 1st area $4,800*
Liposuction – additional areas $2,600*
Liposuction (regular) when added to Extended TT $2,000*
360 Liposuction-Abdomen/Flanks/Back/Bra Roll $7,500*
360 VASER Liposuction-Abdomen/Flanks/Back/Bra Roll $8,500*
180 Liposuction- Abdomen/Flanks
RENUVION $2,000*
Body Lifts / Fat Transfer
Arm Lift $8,900*
Arm Lift – Extended $10,500*
Brazilian Butt Lift $10,700*
Brazilian Butt Lift with VASER Lipo $11,700*
Buttock Lift $6,900*
Thigh Lift $10,500*
Fat Transfer to Breasts $7,500*
Fat Transfer to Cleavage $1,500*
Additional Lipo Areas for Fat Transfer $2,000*
Body Surgery
Gynecomastia  $6,500*
Gynecomastia – Extended  $8,000*
Labiaplasty $6,000*
Facial Surgery
Browlift $7,000*
Buccal Fat Pad Removal $5,000-$6,199*
Fat Transfer to Tear Troughs $1,500*
Face Lifts $11,700*
Neck Lift $11,700*
Face/Neck Lift Done Together $18,000-$30,000*
Genioplasty (Facial Feminisation) $4,800*
Eyelid Lift – Upper and Lower $7,000*
Eyelid Lift – Upper $3,450*
Eyelid Lift – Upper IN OFFICE
Eyelid Lift – Lower $4,370*
Co2 Laser Resurfacing Full Face (Fryer Full Face & Neck $8,000) $5,900*
Ear Lobe Repair $920 (per ear)*
Stud Earrings $40*
Otoplasty (Ear Tuck) – Bilateral $5,200*
Rhinoplasty $7,100*
Rhinoplasty with Septoplasty $8,900*
Cosmetic Revisions
Mole Removal (Small) Per Mole $400
Mole Removal (Large) Per Mole $875
Anesthesia (Per Hour) $500
OR Rental (Per Hour) $575
OR Staff (Per Hour) $145
Supplies $230
Additional Consults w/ different doctors $100
OR Cost 1 hour $1,450
Mole Removal (Large) Per Mole $2,900
Mommy Makeover
Tummy Tuck, Lipo of Hips, & Lift $16,000*
Tummy Tuck, Lipo of Hips, & Silicone Aug $15,000*
Tummy Tuck, Lipo of Hips, Lift, & Silicone Aug $17,000*
Mini Tummy Tuck instead of Tummy Tuck -$1,000
Saline instead of Silicone -$1,000 Prices may vary to each individual needs

*Pricing for all procedures (except Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Trigger Finger, and Migraine Surgery) includes doctor fees, anesthesia, operating room, compression garment, DOES NOT include labs, mammograms, other studies, or medications.

*Cost may also increase with different types of Tummy Tucks and adding procedures such as 360 Liposuction, and or additional areas of Liposuction, Fat Transfer to Cleavage, Galatea Mesh, and Wound Vacs to help with healing. These prices include the doctor’s fee, anesthesia, surgical suite, and surgical garments. The price does not include the prescription medications you need after surgery. If you have health insurance the medications are typically covered with your prescription co-pay. If you do not, they are about $150.00.

**Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Trigger Finger, and Migraine Surgery pricing includes doctor only – hospital and anesthesia separate.

*** Buccal Fat Pad Removal – The doctor’s fee for Buccal Fat Pad Removal starts at $3,500. The price does NOT include prescription medications or lab work. The lab work is only necessary for patients 40 years and older.