Sometimes called genioplasty, chin enhancement surgery helps enhance the bone contours in the jawline, chin, and neck, giving your profile more definition. Chin enhancement involves inserting an implant in the chin to change and augment its shape and size, resulting in a balanced profile to create a symmetrical and natural look. A weak chin can be permanently transformed into a stronger shape through chin enhancement when performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. If you’re considering this option, then here’s what to know about it.

Why Should I Get a Chin Implant?

If an unbalanced, weak chin makes you feel self-conscious about your profile, chin enhancement surgery can help you gain confidence. You’ll get the following benefits from chin enhancement surgery:

  • reduce a double chin on a small chin bone
  • enhance jawline and neck definition
  • create a symmetrical look by balancing the chin with the rest of the face
  • augment a recessed chin

How Is Chin Implant Surgery Performed?

Chin enhancement is commonly performed as an outpatient procedure under general or local anesthesia plus sedation. Your plastic surgeon will make a small incision and create a pocket below the chin or inside the mouth along the gum line for the implant to fit against the chin bone. The implant can be attached with stitches or screws. If you are not having multiple procedures, the entire implant surgery commonly takes about one hour. After surgery, your plastic surgeon will close the incision with special sutures. Any scars are rarely noticeable after recovery.

What Does a Chin Implant Look Like?

Chin implants are primarily constructed from silicone, so they are pliable enough to be molded to fit around the chin. Since implants vary in size, your plastic surgeon will help you determine the best implant to give you the most natural outcome for the look you want. Chin implants resemble your real chin bone, and your plastic surgeon can ensure your results look and feel perfectly natural.

Recovering After Chin Implant Surgery

You’ll normally have little recovery time, so you should be back to your usual work or light activities about one week after surgery. You’ll be given prescribed medications as well as instructions on how much to take and how often. This can also help manage swelling, along with using ice packs regularly. You’ll need to sleep on your back and keep your head elevated with pillows for one to two weeks, as well as avoid strenuous activity for three to four weeks. Your plastic surgeon will give you detailed instructions on your recovery and can ensure you’re healing well during your follow-up appointments. Most people see their final results settle in within a couple months.

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