Having children can be a blessing, but any mother knows that the toll it takes on their body can sometimes feel like a curse. For this reason, more and more women are opting for a mommy makeover procedure. With a mommy makeover from a trusted plastic surgeon, you can get back the body you enjoyed before your kids.If you’re considering this comprehensive procedure, here are some signs you might be ready to schedule a consultation.


You’re Not Afraid of Hard Work

Let’s face it– you put in the work. Between juggling kids’ schedules (and kids themselves), working out, and eating well, you know how to manage your weight. You just need a little help getting your body back to what it used to be! Giving birth transforms a women’s body, and there are only so many things she can do to get it back. With a few simple procedures, you can have a flat tummy, a little lift where you need it, and the confidence you’ve earned!


You’re Not Having More Children

You’ve lived that life! You’ve had your children, and you’ve had enough. If you’re not planning to bear more children, then a mommy makeover is a great way to begin a new chapter. Of course, a makeover will not prevent you from having more children in the future, but you would require additional procedures to maintain the benefits of the first makeover. If you’re between kids or think you might change your mind later on, then Dr. Howland can recommend some non-surgical options in the meantime.


You’ve Had a C-Section

The mommy makeover does all sorts of wonders, including getting rid of the scar received from a cesarean surgery. This can happen during a tummy tuck procedure if you have lax skin that requires excision. C-Section scars usually exist in the area where sagging skin is trimmed away, so you can say goodbye with one single procedure.


You’ve Given Birth Six (or more) Months Ago

With all the changes a woman’s body experiences throughout pregnancy and postpartum, it’s recommended to wait at least six months before undergoing any type of surgery. A cosmetic change may not as effective if the body is still adjusting. Additionally, it can take time to make sure your health is back up to where it should be. If you’re not at full health, it can compromise your safety during surgery. And don’t worry– you can even opt for a mommy makeover if you gave birth six years (or more) ago!


You’ve Stopped Breastfeeding

Speaking of changes, one of the biggest changes to a woman’s body after giving birth is her breasts. Breastfeeding alters the shape and size and, after having children, a woman may find her breasts to become too large for comfort or smaller than before she had children. With a mommy makeover, Dr. Howland can work with you to find the breast size that is most comfortable for you! Adjustments can also be made to lift the breasts so they no longer sag or are uneven. A lift is often paired with a reduction or augmentation.


Schedule a Consultation

Thinking about a mommy makeover? If you’re in Utah, then Dr. Howland can discuss your options during a consultation. Dr. Howland has experience providing mommy makeovers to women who have given birth and have taken steps to get back the body they had before having children. If you think you’re ready for a positive transformation, then contact our office by calling or filling out our online form.