Medically termed mentoplasty, a chin augmentation procedure focuses on reshaping the chin to artistically craft a new facial contour. If you are unhappy with the contour of your chin compared to your natural anatomy, chin augmentation may be right for you.

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What is a Chin Augmentation?

A chin augmentation enhances the shape of the chin by either a chin implant or structural changes to minimize the protrusion of the chin. Other neck procedures, such as a neck lift, can enhance the results of this procedure.

Who is a Candidate for Chin Augmentation?

There are several reasons why a patient would choose chin augmentation. Improving their facial contour can help increase confidence or self-esteem. With this personalized procedure, Dr. Howland can help create a personalized plan for you, whether it involves silicone chin implants or a reduction of the chin.

What to Expect

There are different approaches to chin augmentation, including shaped silicone implants to be gently inserted and reducing the bone to soften the projection of the chin. Additionally, Dr. Howland may suggest additional face and neck procedures to further enhance your neck and jawline.

Chin Augmentation Results

Since chin augmentation is a highly personalized procedure, recovery and results will vary for each patient based on their cosmetic goals. It’s important to have an in-depth conversation with your plastic surgeon about your realistic results.

If you would like to change the proportion or shape of your chin, contact Dr. Howland in Salt Lake City today to schedule your consultation.

Frequently Asked Question

Are facial implants permanent?

Facial implants are permanent. If you choose, facial implants could be removed in a revision surgery.

Can you feel chin implant?

Chin implants should feel natural after the recovery process is complete.

Are silicone chin implants safe?

Silicone chin implants are safe. Like all surgeries, there are some risks, so you should always choose an experienced surgeon like Dr. Howland.

Can a chin implant improve jawline?

Chin implants are designed to improve the appearance of the jawline. This can mean a more symmetrical, proportionate, or defined jawline depending on the patients preferences.

Does chin implant help double chin?

A chin implant may help reduce the appearance of a double chin. Liposuction can also be used to reduce excess fat below the chin.

Can chin implant be removed?

It is possible to remove a chin implant surgically if necessary.

Does insurance cover chin implants?

Insurance does not generally cover chin implants, as the procedure is considered purely cosmetic.

How are chin implants secured?

Chin implants may be secured using sutures or screws. Dr. Howland will explain the techniques used in your surgery during a consultation.

How long does chin implant last?

Chin implants are designed to last a lifetime.

How common are chin implants?

Chin implants are a relatively common plastic surgery procedure and have been increasing in popularity in recent years.

How much do chin implants cost?

The average cost of a chin implant surgery is about $3,000. Your cost will vary depending on surgeons fees, facility fees, and other considerations.

How much is a chin and jaw implant?

On average, chin augmentation surgery costs over $3,000. This will vary for each patient.

How long do chin implants last?

Chin implants should last a lifetime for most patients.

Is a chin implant permanent?

Chin implants are intended to be permanent. However, you can have a chin implant surgically removed if you choose.

What is chin surgery called?

The surgery to place a chin implant is often called chin augmentation, jaw augmentation, or chin implant surgery.