Your face is perhaps the single most important identifying feature. It’s what people picture subconsciously when they hear your name, and what they remember for years after meeting you. And when your face doesn’t match your internal identity, it can cause emotional pain and loss of self-esteem.

What is Facial Feminization Surgery?

Facial Feminization surgery is any operative procedure that attempts to re-contour the face to make it appear more feminine. This can include moving the hairline, augmenting features like the lips or cheeks, and tightening the skin, to name a few common components.

Who is Eligible for Facial Feminization?

Transgender women who suffer from symptoms of gender dysphoria (distress caused by the experience of identifying differently than the sex assigned at birth) and who are in good health are candidates for facial feminization surgery. However, not everyone is eligible for surgery due to a number of health factors that Dr. Howland will review with you during your initial consultation.

Facial Feminization Procedure

As with any invasive procedure, you will need to prepare according to Dr. Howland’s instructions prior to undergoing facial feminization. This may include limiting or eliminating alcohol intake and smoking, as well as certain medications that may interfere with the anesthetic.

The procedure itself may consist of several different individual procedures, the most common of which is rhinoplasty, or a nose job. Nose shape and size is a key way to feminize and beautify the face, creating a symmetrical center feature for your new face. Other procedures used include facelift, hairline alteration, or buccal fat removal, depending on your original face anatomy and specific desires.

Recovery from Facial Feminization Surgery

You can expect to experience pain in the various areas where incisions were made immediately following surgery. Depending on the types of procedures performed, you may have difficulty eating, and Dr. Howland may recommend a special diet plan to ensure you get adequate energy and nutrients following surgery. It’s important to follow all of Dr. Howland’s post-operative instructions to ensure a successful and rapid recovery so you can enjoy the benefits of expressing your true identity.

Results of Facial Feminization

Because everyone’s face is unique, the results of facial feminization will vary greatly from one patient to the next. The goal is to achieve a more feminine face that helps you better express your internal identity according to your specific desires. During your consultation with Dr. Howland, he will listen to your problems and goals carefully to craft a personalized surgical plan that’s right for you.

Learn More with A Consultation

If you’re interested in learning how facial feminization surgery can improve your life, schedule a consultation today with board-certified surgeon Dr. Howland. You’ll discuss the benefits, risks, and results you can expect from this procedure and make a plan that works for