Galatea scaffolds products are used as a bioreusable scaffold that supports soft tissue. This support repairs, elevates, and reinforces deficiencies where weakness or voids exist. These areas may require the addition of material to achieve the optimal surgical outcome. The reinforcement of soft tissue in plastic and reconstructive surgery along with general soft tissue reconstructive can aid in achieving the desired result.  GalaFLEX, GalaSHAPE 3D, and GALAFORM 3D are also indicated for the repair of fascial defects. The defects may require addition of a material that reinforces or bridges tissue to achieve the desired surgical result.

GalaFLEX, GalaSHAPE 3D, and GalaFORM 3D scaffolds are:

  • Strong
  • Biologically derived
  • 3-Dimensional
  • Monofilament
  • Bioresorbable
HyperFocal: 0