What is Trigger Finger?

When your fingers or thumb tendons are inflamed, causing them to pop or catch when bent, you may have trigger finger. This medical condition may make it difficult to accomplish daily activities without experiencing finger or thumb pain.

The most common causes of trigger finger are overuse of the hand (repetitive movement or gripping) or trauma. In some cases, the cause of trigger finger is unknown. Individuals with other medical conditions, including gout and arthritis, are more likely to develop trigger finger.

Who is a Candidate for Treatment?

If you experience pain when straightening or bending your fingers, you may have this condition. Other symptoms include slight swelling, tender to touch, popping of the fingers, or catching of the joints when performing daily tasks. Trigger finger is known to worsen overtime, so it’s important to contact a hand specialists, such as Dr. Howland, for proper diagnosis.

What to Expect

Dr. Howland will examine the severity of your trigger finger condition and recommend what he expects will work best for your unique case. For some patients, rest or medication can help relieve the symptoms of trigger finger. However, if you want a more permanent solution, surgical treatment may be an option.

Surgical steps are taken to widen the opening of the tunnel that runs through your finger. This allows the caught tendon to slide through easier, without catching or popping. Generally, only local anesthesia is necessary during this procedure.

Recovery & Results

Depending on your treatment plan, your recovery and results will vary. With trigger finger surgery, most patients are able to move their fingers right after surgery. Slight soreness and swelling is common from surgery. However, you will feel more flexible, properly-functioning finger(s) after your recovery.

If you believe you are experiencing Trigger Finger and would like to find relief, contact Howland Plastic Surgery today for proper diagnosis and surgical relief options.


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