What is MTF Top Surgery?

Any surgical procedure that changes the shape and appearance of a patient’s upper body is considered a Top Surgery. In the case of MTF Top Surgery, the changes are meant to make a masculine chest appear more feminine by adding breast implants and changing the shape and/or position of the nipples.

MTF Top Surgery is often completed as part of a transgender woman’s treatment plan, which also includes hormone therapy for at least 12 months prior to surgery.

Who is Eligible for MTF Top Surgery?

People who want their upper body to express a feminine identity would be candidates for MTF Top Surgery. Patients will meet with Dr. Howland to determine whether they are eligible for this elective procedure, and discuss options for surgery and potential results.

Good candidates will not have severe underlying health concerns, like heart disease, bleeding disorders, or unmanaged mental health conditions. Dr. Howland will go over specific instructions for preparation for surgery, including refraining from alcohol, smoking, or adjusting any medications you may be on.

MTF Top Surgery Options

With the variety of incisions and implants available for MTF Top Surgery, you have many options for optimal results. In your initial consultation, Dr. Howland will examine your chest and plan the procedure and materials according to your goals.

Incision Type

The possible incisions Dr. Howland can make are around the areola, near the armpit, or beneath the breast where the fold will be. The most common incision type is under the breast, or inframammary, as this will reduce the appearance of scarring after the procedure.

Implant Type

Because MTF Top Surgery is essentially a breast augmentation procedure, patients have similar options to cisgender females when it comes to implant types. Dr. Howland will walk through the benefits and drawbacks to each type during your consultation. In general, silicone implants result in a softer and more natural look, whereas saline implants are more cost-effective.

Recovery and Results

As with any surgery, you will experience some pain and discomfort in the days following the procedure. Dr. Howland will give you specific post-operative instructions as well as a follow-up appointment about a week after your surgery.

Patients will experience swelling for several weeks, and for some it can last up to several months. Most patients who undergo MTF Top Surgery are satisfied with their results, which give them an increased sense of self-confidence and comfort.

Trust the physical expression of your identity to an affirming and board-certified plastic surgeon. Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Howland to find out if you’re eligible for MTF Top Surgery in Salt Lake City or Draper, UT.