Your Options For Breast Augmentation Incisions

By: Dr. Nicholas K. Howland


Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that can help women enhance their breasts. There are many options for breast augmentation that you’ll have to decide on during consultations, including which incision type will be most minimal while allowing for a successful procedure.

Breast enhancement surgery has been around since the early 20th century and has seen a surge in popularity over the last few years due to the development of more advanced techniques and the proliferation of implant types. Before committing to any breast surgery, it’s important to talk to a board-certified plastic surgeons about your options and how they’ll impact your individual results, as each woman’s needs and preferences vary greatly depending on age, body type, and other factors.

Overview of Breast Augmentation

The most common types of breast augmentation are performed using saline implants or silicone implants. Saline is less expensive and safer than silicone but doesn’t always result in as natural a shape or feel. Women who want silicone gel implants can benefit from an enhanced shape, although they might have to pay a higher price for the material.

What is the Best Incision Size?

The size of breast augmentation incisions is an important factor in choosing the best implant. Most people considering breast surgery want the most minimal incision length possible to reduce the visibility of any scars that might form after recovery.

However, the type of implant is the largest factor in the type and length of breast incisions. Saline implants might be able to be filled after the shell has been inserted into the breast tissue in the applicable area, meaning the incision can be much smaller than inserting the fully filled silicone implants. This is one of the many factors to consider as you choose your specific implant plan.

Which Type of Breast Augmentation Incision is Right for You?

There are different types of breast augmentation incisions that you can choose from. The surgery you choose will depend on your personal needs and the shape you want to achieve. The most minimal or concealable type of augmentation is done using the periareolar incision, a circular incision around the areola and nipple. This incision is used for many reasons, such as for a natural look or for minimizing scarring. However, there is likely a size limit for the implant itself due to the lack of direct access your surgeon has to the breast with this incision.

The most popular incision is the inframammary one, a horizontal incision made in the crease under the breast that is usually concealable regardless of scarring in most clothes and swimwear.

Depending on your surgical plan and goals, incisions may be able to be made in other locations not on the breast, such as in the armpit. This incision is known as the transaxillary incision, but it may not be appropriate for every breast augmentation patient.

Recovery Time for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation recovery time varies depending on what size you decide you want and where the implant is located inside your breast tissue. The time it takes for your breasts to heal may also vary depending on the type of implant you have.

Learn More About Incisions for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation procedures are highly sensitive and complex surgeries that require hours of consultations to determine your preferred provider and recommended surgical plan for the most natural-looking results. If you’re in Draper, UT, start a conversation about your concerns with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas Howland of Howland Plastic Surgery. Throughout your consultations, you’ll express your goals and he’ll describe how best to achieve them with specific surgical techniques. Call or contact us online today to get started.

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