SmartLipo is the latest liposuction technique that allows for fat removal with less invasion, discomfort, and recovery time. While traditional liposuction uses a cannula to break up stubborn fat cells, SmartLipo uses laser technology to liquify fat! This allows for less trauma to the tissue, smaller incisions, and minimal side effects while still effectively removing fat cells.

Who Should Get SmartLipo?

Those who are candidates for liposuction but want to try something less invasive can get SmartLipo. The procedure can treat fat that can’t be eliminated with diet and exercise alone but is not an alternative to weight loss. An experienced surgeon can examine your body to determine if your pockets of fat can be treated with liposuction.

SmartLipo Results

Like with traditional liposuction, SmartLipo can permanently remove fat cells. This means you can never gain fat in those cells again, however, you can still gain weight in untreated areas which could lead to poor contour and imbalance. To prevent this and make sure you have long lasting results from SmartLipo, you should maintain a healthy weight by working out and eating right.

Benefits of SmartLipo Over Regular Liposuction

While regular liposuction can give you significant results, it also requires larger incisions, more invasion, and a longer recovery period. SmartLipo allows you to get back to your regular everyday activity sooner with fewer side effects.

To find out if SmartLipo is right for you and how you can benefit, contact our office today. We can answer any questions you might have or schedule your consultation with Dr. Howland.