Choosing breast augmentation is a very important decision. Naturally, there are many questions you’ll have about the procedure. One of those questions may involve possible changes in sensation and sensitivity, especially around the nipples. As might be expected, some change is inevitable. It may take a little while for your breasts to completely heal, but it’s unusual for a loss of sensation to become permanent. However, the chances increase with larger implants and more extensive breast lifts or breast reductions. In addition, there are some types of incisions that result in the loss of sensation more often than others. Dr. Howland can evaluate your specific case and determine what you might be able to expect with regard to a possible loss of sensation.

Will My Breasts Feel Different After Surgery?

You’ll have something new inside your body. After surgery, you may be aware of the implant. As you heal, your feeling should return to normal, and you will become more comfortable. Keep in mind, there are several things that can affect your results.

Your Body

Your own breast tissue covers the implant. The more natural breast tissue you have, the more that can be covered. The amount of breast tissue you begin with will affect the way your implants feel.

Implant Type

Implants can be made of silicone or saline. Silicone is softer and feels more like your own breast tissue. Saline implants provide more firmness. You can feel the difference when you hold them in your hand. Properly placing a suitable implant will ensure a feeling that’s natural when using a saline implant. Because of its properties, silicone may feel more natural in comparison.

Implant Size

Larger implants are easier to feel. If you have very little breast tissue or are interested in a large implant, the likelihood of your ability to feel it increases. There are limitations to what will be successful within the constraints of your anatomy.


It’s possible to position the implant behind the pectoral muscle. This can reduce the ability to distinguish it from your own breast tissue. An evaluation of your anatomy will help determine the best option.

Schedule Your Personal Consultation

Howland Plastic Surgery is located in Draper, UT. During your personal consultation with Dr. Howland, you’ll be able to ask questions and learn about what’s involved. You’ll be able to discuss your concerns including those involving how your breasts will feel after breast augmentation. Dr. Howland cares about each of his patients, and his goal is to make sure every one of them is happy with the results. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule an appointment at your convenience.