What is an Upper Body Lift?

An upper body lift can consist of a selection of procedures, including an upper arm lift, a breast lift, or a male breast reduction. Many individuals who have undergone dramatic weight loss experience excess sagging skin. An upper body lift can remove this skin for a slimmer and smoother upper body contour.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Individuals who have recently experienced massive weight loss or have sagging skin due to pregnancy can often benefit from this procedure. Many patients also chose this procedure to help clothing fit better and feel more comfortable during physical activity. Ideal candidates will be at a stable weight and be non-smokers.

What to Expect

An upper body lift is performed under general anesthesia. The exact procedure steps will be determined on which procedures you elect to have done. A body lift can consist of the following procedures:

Upper Arm Lift

During an upper arm lift, fat may be removed from the upper arms with liposuction. Any excess skin will be removed through an incision underneath the arm.

Breast Lift

During a breast lift, an incision will be created, and any excess skin will be removed. Underlying tissues will be tightened for a perkier breast appearance. Nipples will also be relocated to a higher position.

Male Breast Reduction

For men with excess breast tissue, male breast reduction can be done. During male breast reduction, excess skin, tissue, and fat will be removed to create a flatter chest contour. Liposuction, excision, or a combination of both techniques may be used.

Back Lift

For individuals who have fat rolls on their back, a back lift can help. Incisions will be created near the bra line, and excess skin and fat will be removed.


After upper body lift surgery, patients will need to wear compression garments to minimize swelling. Downtime will differ depending on the type of procedure(s) that you had done during your upper body lift. Most patients can resume normal activities after 4-6 weeks. Be sure to follow Dr. Howland’s post-op instructions to see optimal results.

If you are interested in upper body lift surgery in the Salt Lake City and Draper, UT areas, contact our office today. We would be happy to schedule your consultation for you.


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