There are several different ways to lose weight, depending on the individual. While diet and exercise may work for some, it does not work for all. One of the drawbacks to losing weight through diet and exercise is the inability to choose where you want to lose weight. Losing weight in the face can be particularly difficult.

What Is Facial Weight?

Facial weight can happen to anyone. Some people have chubby cheeks because of bone structure, while others may simply gain weight in their face faster than the rest of their body.

Round faces with puffy cheeks can make an individual appear heavier than they actually are. For those who experience what is sometimes referred to as “chipmunk cheeks,” facial weight loss may be desired.

Round faces with significant fat deposits may impact the jaw line. Since there are many types of facial structures, a round face is possible regardless of overall weight. A healthy, average sized person may look much heavier without the facial definition that comes with having a round face.

Facial Redefinition

Getting rid of excess fat deposits in the face can be challenging. Diet and exercise can help, but there’s no guarantee when facial fat will disappear. Depending on the person, some people may lose weight in their face only after they’ve lost weight in other areas of the body. While there are jaw exercises that can stretch the face, they have not been proven to work for weight loss.

Removing excess fat from the face does not have to rely on extreme diets. Many people choose to use medical treatment as a way to redefine the facial structure. This does not have to be a long or expensive method, depending on how treatment is provided.

Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal surgery is a quick procedure that generally takes less than an hour to complete. General anesthesia or intravenous sedation is given so that small incisions can be made through the cheeks. After fat pads are removed, the incisions can then be closed.

By removing fat pads, the face can be naturally contoured for a slimmer and more defined structure. Both the lower and upper cheeks can be improved, and there is no visible scarring from using Buccal fat removal. The results are permanent and there is no need for continued treatment.

Is Buccal Fat Removal Safe?

Buccal fat removal is safe and effective. Results are typically seen within 3 to 4 months when both cheeks gradually contour. Directly after the fat removal, it is normal to experience swelling as well as mild discomfort. In many cases, over-the-counter medication can be used effectively in treating this type of pain.

The buccal fat removal procedure can be done in a short amount of time. Depending on the type of work an individual does, many people can return to their job after a week or two.

What are the Results of Buccal Fat Removal?

By removing fat pads from the cheek area, the face can appear more defined. With the lower fat deposits removed, cheekbones may be highlighted. The jaw line is also much more noticeable once excess fat has been removed. This new facial shape is permanent, so that repeat or on-going treatments are not necessary.

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