Howland Plastic Surgery offers you a combination of surgical precision and skilled artistry. Dr. Nicholas K. Howland grew up in Murray and returned home after pursuing science and clinical research in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has partnered with the Premier Plastic Surgery Group of Utah and offers a wide range of cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery options at his Draper center. Patients from West Jordan can choose from a variety of procedures which are customized to suit your specific needs. Some of the procedures that you can benefit from include hand reconstruction, tummy tuck, and breast augmentation.

Every procedure that you choose at our center is guided by cutting edge technology and modern aesthetics. Dr. Howland offers a unique, personalized approach to each procedure to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Our aim at Howland Plastic Surgery is to enhance your natural features rather than change them, so you can enjoy stunning, harmonious results. The unparalleled aftercare our patients enjoy is aimed at ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with your results.

Whether you have had an injury or you were born with a congenital deformity, there are many reasons why patients from West Jordan consult Dr. Howland for reconstructive surgery. The most common reconstructive surgeries are for the hand and helps relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome and Dupuytren’s disease. Hands are critical for everyday activities, and an injury or a medical condition gets in the way of their use. Dr. Howland offers his expertise with several hand reconstructive procedures and treatments, allowing you movement and helping alleviate the associated pain. Concerns like trigger finger are painful conditions that worsen with time, and a proper diagnosis and treatment with Dr. Howland will help restore the use of your hands.

You can also get relief from migraines when you consult Dr. Howland, who offers nerve decompression surgery to help get relief from the symptoms. Here are the various reconstructive surgery options available to our patients from West Jordan:

About West Jordan, UT

West Jordan is a city in the Salt Lake County of Utah. It is a rapidly growing suburb with a mixed economy. West Jordan is named after the nearby Jordan River; the limits of the city begin on the river’s western bank and end in the foothills of the Oquirrh Mountains, where Kennecott Copper Mine, the world’s largest man-made excavation is located. The first European-American settlers named the river flowing through West Jordan in reference to the River Jordan in Israel. Just like the Middle Eastern namesake, the Jordan River flows from the Utah Lake, a freshwater lake, to the Great Salt Lake, which is an inland saltwater lake. Even though primarily it relied on agriculture, mills and mining, West Jordan is rapidly growing today. Some of the landmarks in the city include the Gardner Village, which was established in 1850, and the South Valley Regional Airport.