Most surgical procedures have some downtime and breast reduction is no different. Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that reduces breast size and gives the breasts a flattering shape. After breast reduction surgery, taking the necessary time to rest and recuperate is essential. Howland Plastic Surgery offers a safe and effective breast reduction procedure that removes excess skin and tissue from the breasts.

Following surgery, most patients take one week off work to aid recovery. A patient can speed up recovery using our specially-designed post-surgery garment or an underwire-free bra for 4–6 weeks.

For a successful recovery, there are some tips and tricks you can follow. Let’s take look at the do’s and don’ts of breast reduction recovery and what to anticipate after the procedure.

Healing Timeline

Dr. Howland is well known for offering excellent breast reduction surgery and ensuring every patient knows what they need to do after the procedure for the best results. He has come up with a comprehensive timeline plan for anyone undergoing the surgery.

First week

Swelling, tenderness, and discomfort at incision sites can commonly occur at this point. You can manage these symptoms with prescribed medications for pain relief. While taking these medications, drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest.

Second week

Stitches dissolve 7 to 10 days following a breast reduction. Swelling, pain, or bruising may remain for several weeks, but if those side effects continue past this point,  contact your surgeon. Initially, scarring may be raised and itchy, but this should diminish over the next 12 months.

Week Three and Four

Over the next 3-4 weeks, you will note a decrease in the swelling and itching at the incision site while it continues to heal. It’s recommended you wear a bra that compresses the area of surgery and continue to drink lots of fluid.

Week Five and Six

You should continue taking care as you return to normal activities. At this point, you will be able to feel the procedure’s benefits with minimal back and neck discomfort. That being said, you should continue wearing the compression bra.

Over six weeks

Though it will take longer to heal fully, the incisions will begin to disappear. You can attend to normal duties, engage in more intense training and exercise, and wear clothes that fit more closely to the body.

Do’s Before and After Breast Reduction Surgery

Some of the things to do before and after the procedure include:
• Plan for your surgery and have someone ready to take you home following the procedure.
• Focus on rest.
• Practice proper wound care techniques regularly and follow your healthcare professional’s advice closely.
• When deciding what to wear, choose something loose and comfortable.
• Reduce salt intake to a minimum amount.
• When sleeping, lay on your back, leaving your breasts raised.
• Ensure you eat a healthy, nutritious diet.
• Drink plenty of fluids.
• Remember always to take your medication as prescribed by the doctor.

Don’ts Before and After Breast Reduction Surgery

There are also a few things you’ll want to avoid before and after receiving a breast reduction. You’ll want to stay away from:
• Smoking.
• Drinking alcohol.
• Engaging in strenuous activities.
• Dressing in tight-fitting clothes.

Additional Tips to Speed Up the Healing Process

A few other tips you’ll want to follow to speed up the healing process include:

• Ensure you have someone to assist, especially during the first 4 days after the surgery.
• Wear the compression garment for the duration the doctor advises to aid recovery and safeguard the breasts.
• Exercise regularly to stay active and improve blood circulation but only once it’s recommended.

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