Most breast augmentation patients want to enhance their breasts while maintaining a natural look and feel. However, other women aim for the augmented look for a more dramatic enhancement. The look you desire can be achieved with certain decisions made and techniques used along the way.

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The Natural Look

If one of your concerns about breast augmentation is going too big, you probably desire a more natural look and size. The natural look aims at enhancing the breasts while maintaining natural proportions. The natural look allows women to hide the fact that they got a breast enhancement, which might be important to some.

To achieve the natural look, your surgeon will create breasts that slope towards the nipple, don’t sit too high on the chest, and have more volume in the lower half. During the consultation with Dr. Nicholas Howland, you and your surgeon might discuss certain techniques to achieving a natural look such as a sub-muscular implant placement, using a teardrop implant for a more natural shape, and keeping the size of your implant modest to fit your body type.

The Augmented Look

If you desire noticeably larger breasts, you might aim for the augmented look. While the augmented look might not appear as subtle or natural, it will give a dramatic enhancement to your breasts.

To achieve the augmented look, your surgeon will create significantly larger breasts that are higher on the chest and result in more prominent cleavage. During the consultation, your surgeon will discuss some techniques that can be used such as sub-glandular implant placement and large, round implants.

The look you would like to achieve with your breast augmentation should be based on your personal preference, goals, and your surgeon’s recommendations. Contact us today to schedule your breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Howland! He can help you achieve the look you want for effective, life-changing results.