Plastic surgery continues to be popular with an increased demand for procedures aimed to help men! Procedures for men often focus on creating a younger, more masculine appearance. Here are some of the most commonly requested plastic surgery procedures by men.

Common Men Plastic Surgery Procedures:

Eyelid Rejuvenation

Like women, men can show signs of aging with loose, hanging skin in the eyelids. This can leave you looking tired and older than you feel. With an eyelid rejuvenation surgery, men can achieve a more awake and younger appearance. During eyelid surgery, excess tissue and fat are removed to improve drooping.

Neck Lift

A lot of men strive for a strong jaw and neckline, but excess sagging tissue in the neck area can distort this appearance. A neck lift can remove this excess tissue and tighten the muscles beneath to define the jawline and reveal a younger looking neck.


Having a nose that is too big or misshaped can throw off facial balance and leave you feeling less than confident. With a rhinoplasty, the nose can be enhanced in size, shape, angle, and overall appearance to create facial harmony.

Chin Augmentation

A chin augmentation can change the shape and projection of the chin to create a more defined, masculine appearance. This can be done using an implant, repositioning the bone, or liposuction to sculpt the jawline.


If working out and eating properly fails to give you the sculpting body you’re looking for, liposuction in Draper might be able to help. Liposuction can remove pockets of stubborn fat and improve contour for a more toned figure. Many men choose liposuction for their abdomen and flanks. Dr. Howland specializes in SmartLipo near Salt Lake City, UT for a safer and minimally invasive experience for his patients.

Gynecomastia Surgery

A lot of men struggle with gynecomastia with enlarged breasts from excess skin or fat. Gynecomastia surgery can use several different techniques including liposuction and tissue excision to create a flat chest and more masculine appearance. Take a look at Dr. Howland’s gynecomastia treatment before and after.

To learn more about the plastic surgery procedures available to men or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Howland, contact our office today!